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Digital Marketing Courses in Pune Content Details [Updated 2023]...

• As the name of the module suggests, trainees will be introduced to the field of Digital Marketing. Get answers to the what's, why's and how's of Digital Marketing, from our expert trainers. It will give you a fair idea about the scope of Digital Marketing, and the various concepts associated with it. This module is designed so as to help you understand the importance, applications and basics of Digital Marketing. Specially for those who are new to this field. This module would have you in a better position to learn and understand the eventual advanced topics.
• A sort of warm-up before the actual workout!
• What is Marketing?
• How We Do Marketing?
• What is Digital Marketing?
• Digital Marketing Platforms and Strategies
• Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing
• Inbound Marketing Vs Outbound Marketing
• Defining Marketing Goals
• Latest Digital Advertising Trends
• Case Studies of Digital Campaigns

• A module that is designed to train the trainees in planning and conceptualizing a website. It covers topics like difference between web and the Internet, different types of web servers and websites etc. under website planning. While under website planning and conceptualizing, you will get to learn things like booking a domain name and web hosting, adding webpage & content etc.
Events Tracking :The importance of having this module in the syllabus is underlined from the fact that having a website is essential to have an online existence, and to carry out online branding. By the end of this module, the trainees will become proficient in conceptualizing, planning, designing and implementing a website.
• Booking a Domain Name and Web Hosting
• Adding the Domain Name to a Web Server
• How to Install Wordpress in Your Server
• Theme Selection
• Theme Customization
• Page Building Using Elementor
• How to Install and Integrate Most Used Plugins
• Woocommerce Plugin for E-Commerce Website

• Graphic designing with Canva is one of the most simple and quickest methods to create infographics. It mainly offers good communication and problem-solving through the utilization of typography, photography, and illustration. The field is considered a set of communication and communication design, but generally, the term "graphic design" is employed synonymously. Our team of creative graphic designers always look forward to train students with Canva and encourage to create effective infographics for soft interaction about the product to the audience.
• How to Create a Design from Scratch Using Canva
• Quick Tips to Make Your Designs Look Good
• How to Choose the Dimensions for Your Design
• How to Create a Background for Your Design
• How to Add Text, Images and More
• How to Design Images for Social Media Posting

• Your gateway for effective Facebook/Instagram advertising. Learn the optimum and specific techniques and strategies to advertise on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, for the best results.
• A tailor-made syllabus for all those who are at present into Facebook Ads Manager or "Boost Post" essentially, and who are looking to polish their skills and knowledge to an expert level. We will teach you all the things you need to know regarding Facebook/Instagram Advertising. That too with a 100% practical approach!
• Facebook Organic
• Facebook Account Setup
• Personal Account Properties
• Facebook Marketing Strategy
• Competition Analysis
• Facebook Business Page Setup
• Types of Business Pages
• Cover Photo Designing
• Increase the Likes to Page
• Page Management Options
• Types of Posts and Statistics
• Dimension in Post
• Creative Posts Strategy
• User Engagement Metrics
• Facebook Group
• Facebook Marketplace
• Introduction to Facebook Advertising
• Types of Promotions
• Audience Targeting
• Advanced Audience Targeting
• Bidding Strategies
• Ad Format
• Ad Dimensions and Rules
• Remarketing Campaign Strategy
• Facebook Remarketing Setup
• Reporting and Analysis

• Your gateway for effective Instagram advertising. Learn the optimum and specific techniques and strategies to advertise on platforms like Instagram and Instagram, for the best results.
• A tailor-made syllabus for all those who are at present into Instagram Ads Manager or "Boost Post" essentially, and who are looking to polish their skills and knowledge to an expert level. We will teach you all the things you need to know regarding Instagram/Instagram Advertising. That too with a 100% practical approach!
• Instagram Organic
• Instagram Account Setup
• Personal Account Properties
• Instagram Marketing Strategy
• Competition Analysis
• Instagram Business Page Setup
• Types of Business Pages
• Cover Photo Designing
• Increase the Likes to Page
• Page Management Options
• Types of Posts and Statistics
• Dimension in Post
• Creative Posts Strategy
• User Engagement Metrics
• Instagram Group
• Instagram Marketplace
• Introduction to Instagram Advertising
• Types of Promotions
• Audience Targeting
• Advanced Audience Targeting
• Bidding Strategies
• Ad Format
• Ad Dimensions and Rules
• Pixel Setup
• Instagram Remarketing Setup
• Reporting and Analysis

• Under this, trainees would benefit from a comprehensive understanding of how Twitter functions, and how this platform can be used for marketing and promotional activities. The trainees would be introduced to Twitter based concepts like types of promotions, advanced audience targeting, bidding strategies and more.
• Benefits of Twitter For Businesses
• How Brands Use Twitter
• Profile Creation and Management
• Customizing the Profile
• Types of Tweets and Statistics
• Content Strategy for Twitter
• Post Your First Tweet
• Analysis of Big Brands
• Twitter Contests
• What Is Hashtag?
• #Hashtags and Its Uses.
• Tools for Twitter Marketing
• Twitter Analytics
• Introduction to Twitter Ads.
• Types of Promotions
• Audience Targeting
• Advanced Audience Targeting
• Bidding Strategies
• Ad Format
• Ad Dimensions and Rules
• Remarketing Strategy
• Conversion Tracking

• Your gateway to get a hands on on the various social media automation softwares, apps and tools. Automation is after all, set to rule the world of social media. So, there is no alternative but to learn automation using tools such as Hootsuit, Buffer etc.
• What Is Social Media Automation?
• Social Media Automation/ Management Tool
• Buffer/ Hootsuite/ Postcron
• Setup Connection with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Etc.
• Add/ Remove Profiles in Tools
• Post Scheduling in Tools
• Performance Analysis

• LinkedIn has turned out into a platform that has become an integral part of Digital Marketing strategies, and cannot be sidelined. So, get to learn the fundamentals of LinkedIn marketing with the help of this dedicated module, and become a LinkedIn marketing expert.
• Benefits of Linkedin Network
• Optimizing the Profile
• Recommendations in Linkedin
• Creating New Connections
• Creating Company Page
• Creating Showcase Page
• Customization of Page
• Posting Content in the Page
• Linkedin Groups
• Finding Jobs in Linkedin
• Introduction to Linkedin Ads.
• Types of Promotions
• How to Use Filters in Linkedin
• Audience Targeting
• Advanced Audience Targeting
• Bidding Strategies
• Ad Format
• Ad Dimensions and Rules
• Remarketing Strategy
• Conversion Tracking

• Hone the practical skills associated with SEM, through this module. That includes Google account setting up, keyword research tools, campaign setting and all that comes under Search Engine Marketing.
• This particular module is structured in such a manner so as to provide comprehensive knowledge of the latest SEM techniques, trends, strategies etc. so as to get the best possible results. Trainees would get to learn both the basic and the advanced concepts. A tailor-made module for all those who are looking for a career in SEM.
• Introduction to Search Engine Paid Marketing
• Google Ads Account Setup
• Interface Tour and Billing Setting
• Account Structure
• Campaign Setting
• Ad Group Setup
• Keyword Research Tools
• Keyword Match Setup
• Understanding Ad Auction
• What Is Quality Score
• Types of Bidding in AdWords
• Ad Formats
• Ad Guidelines
• Ad Extensions

• Get to learn everything related to Mobile Marketing, as a part of this module. It includes aspects like app creation strategy, mobile apps engagement, promoting site in mobile apps, and so on. Mobile has turned out into a zone which you simply cannot ignore from the Digital Marketing perspective. You got to have knowledge about it. This is exactly what this module does.
• Mobile Apps Engagement
• Mobile App Installs Campaign
• Growth in the Mobile Industry
• Promoting Site in Mobile Apps
• Benefits of Mobile Marketing
•Targeting Options in Mobile Apps
• Mobile Marketing Goals
• Mobile Ad Formats
• Reporting in Mobile Ads

• In this module, get to know the tips, tricks and techniques for ranking on YouTube. Trainees will also be given an insight into monetizing ads on YouTube videos.
• How to Create a Youtube Channel
• Youtube Keyword Research
• Publish a High Retention Video
• Youtube Ranking Factors
• Youtube Video Optimization
• Promote Your Video
• Use of Playlists

• A module that is optimally designed to introduce trainees to the concept of remarketing and conversion. It will take you through topics such as Manual Vs Dynamic remarketing, stepwise remarketing campaign, importance of conversion tracking, conversion tracking implementation etc. Become an expert in the art of using remarketing in order to bring those customers back, and transform or convert them into either engaged users or into paying ones. Remarketing is considered to be beneficial for just about every business. So, what better than directly learning the skill from the experts of Digital Trainee,one of the top Digital Marketing Training institute in Pune.
• What Is Remarketing?
• Benefits of Remarketing Strateg
• Manual Remarketing Vs Dynamic Remarketing
• How to Build a Remarketing List?
• Step by Step Remarketing Campaign
• Result Analysis of Remarketing Campaign
• Canonical Tag
• What Is Conversion?
• Importance of Conversion Tracking?
• Implementation of Conversion Tracking
• Result Analysis in Conversion Tracking

• Master the art of Email marketing by learning how to create impact making creative advertisements to promote a business, build brand awareness, trust and loyalty, by making use of one of the most powerful marketing mediums i.e. Email marketing. No surprise that emails are used by the majority, and direct E-mail marketing will result into a higher rate of response along with an increased average order value for e-commerce businesses.
• Introduction to Email Marketing
• Importance of Email Marketing
• Popular Email Marketing Tools
• Email Marketing Goals
• Introduction to Mail-Chimp
• Mail-Chimp Pricing Structure
• Account Setup and Settings
• Email Marketing Strategy
• Creating a Subscriber List
• Integration of Forms in Site
• Import Subscribers in a List
• Types of Email Marketing Campaigns
• Creating an Email Campaign
• What Is the Newsletter?
• Design a Newsletter
• Reports
• Marketing Automation

• Content Marketing forms an integral and vital part of Digital Marketing, and mainly deals with acquiring and retaining the target audience. That underlines the importance of Content Marketing.
• Under this, trainees will gain the essential skills to come up with effective content strategies, and implement them. Some of the major topics covered under this module include, keyword research for content ideas, how to market content, how to optimize your content for the search engines etc. Also, the trainees will benefit from the case study on content marketing.
• A detailed look into Content Marketing, is what you will get as a part of this module.
• Introduction to Content Marketing
• Objective of Content Marketing
• Content Marketing 7 Steps Strategy Building Process
• Types of Content
• How to Write Great Compelling Content
• Keyword Research for Content Ideas
• Optimizing Content for Search Engines
• How to Market Your Content
• How to Increase Opt-In Mail List with Content Marketing
• Case Study on Content Marketing

• In this module, we have focused on providing practical social media optimization skills to the trainees, to help them get more traffic and engage audience in a better manner, as a part of their Digital Marketing endeavours. It covers strategies and techniques for all the major and popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Apart from this, the trainees will be exposed to the latest trends in social media, social media tools etc. By the end of this one, trainees will become proficient in Social Media Optimization, and its use for online marketing.
• What Is Social Media Optimization?
• Smm Vs. Smo
• Benefits of Using Smm
• Social Media Statistics
• Why Use Social Media Marketing
• Social Media Strategy Dimensions in Posts
• SEO Analysis or Audit Reports

• Master Local SEO, and the various concepts like local SEO ranking signals, submission to Google My Business etc., which are associated with it. Learn to implement it practically!
• What Is Local SEO?
• Importance of Local SEO
• Submission to Google My Business
• Completing the Profile
• Local SEO Ranking Signals
• Local SEO Negative Signals
• Citations and Local Submissions

• Google Search Console is a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site's presence in Google Search results. You don't have to sign up for Search Console to be included in Google Search results, but Search Console helps you understand and improve how Google sees your site.
• Confirm that Google can find and crawl your site.
• Fix indexing problems and request re-indexing of new or updated content.
• View Google Search traffic data for your site: how often your site appears in Google Search, which search queries show your site, how often searchers click through for those queries, and more.
• Receive alerts when Google encounters indexing, spam, or other issues on your site.
• Show you which sites link to your website.
• Troubleshoot issues for AMP, mobile usability, and other Search features.

• A module that will train the trainees on topics related to Google Analytics like importance of analytics for business, installing Analytics code in site, analytics account structure, analytics settings etc. The goal is to acquaint you with Google's service to facilitate intelligent data collection and analysis for wiser online marketing and business specific decisions.
• What is Analytics?
• Importance of Analytics for Business
• Popular Analytics Software’s
• Key Performance Indicators [KPI] in Analytics(bounce rates, time on page / site, exit rate, conversion rate,engagement rate)
• Introduction to Google Analytics
• Installing Analytics Code in a Site
• Analytics Account Structure
• Search Appearance
• Introduction to Google Search Console
• Interface Tour of Google Analytics
• General Tools in Analytics
• Real-Time Reports
• Audience Report
• Acquisition Report
• Behavior Report
• Conversion Tracking - Goal Setting
• Settings in Analytics

  • In this module, get to know the tips, tricks and techniques for ranking on YouTube. Trainees will also be given an insight into monetizing ads on YouTube videos. How to Create a Youtube Channel
  • Youtube Keyword Research
  • Publish a High Retention Video
  • Youtube Ranking Factors
  • Youtube Video Optimization
  • Promote Your Video
  • Use of Playlists

• Adsense is a program by Google that allows website owners to earn revenue by displaying ads on their websites.
• Whether you're a blogger, small business owner, or just looking to monetize your website, our Digital Marketing course will provide you with the knowledge and resources needed to make money with Adsense.
• Take advantage of the opportunity to earn passive income with your website.

• Trainees will be introduced to Affiliate Marketing, a technique using which you can either earn a passive income, or make use of it to promote your business/products. Get an insight into how it works and its benefits.
•A module that will prepare you to start your very own affiliate venture, or help you gain the level of expertize to counsel rest of the affiliate investors out there. Having the knowledge, incorporating affiliate marketing into your Digital Marketing endeavours will now become easy.
• What Is Affiliate Marketing?
• Popular Analytics Software’s
• How to Apply for Affiliate Marketing Network?
• How Affiliate Marketing Works?
• Understanding the Dashboard
• How to Find Affiliate Niche
• Promoting Affiliate Products
• Top Affiliate Marketing Networks
• Methods of Promotions
• Affiliate Marketing Reports and ROI
• Affiliate Marketing Payment Models
•Best Resources for Affiliate Marketing

• With the help of intensive training, this particular module readies you to harness the benefits offered by online display advertising, as a part of your overall marketing strategy. The training will assist the trainees in ensuring the online display advertising initiatives, and make possible significant gains in their brand building campaigns. Trainees will also be taught creation and deployment of display campaigns in a practical manner, along with the best practices in online display advertising.
• A module that will help you to become an expert on how and when to deploy online display advertising effectively. It will also provide an insight into the role of online display advertising in Digital Marketing.
• How Display Ads Works
• Benefits of Display Advertising
• Creating a Display Campaign Bidding Strategies
• Targeting Option in Display Network
• Calculating ROI

• As a part of this module, trainees will get to learn freelancing project management and execution specific skills, that would prove beneficial to those who are looking for a freelancing career. That too by getting a chance to work on live projects.
• Introduction to Freelancing?
• How Does Freelancing Works?
• How to Grab Freelancing Projects
• How to Pitch a Client for a Project?
• Freelancing Templates / Proposals
• Freelancing Quotations / Pricing / Package
• How to Work on Freelancing Projects?
• Reporting and Suggestions
• Websites for Freelancing Project

• WhatsApp Marketing, the latest form of marketing to have become an integral part of Digital Marketing. Gain an in-depth insight into WhatsApp Marketing, tools/softwares used, and more. Learn the optimum use of Whatsapp for effective marketing.
• Whatsapp Marketing Strategies
• Whatsapp Business Features
• Business Profile Setup
• Auto Replies
• How to Install Whatsapp Icon on Wordpress Website
• How to Setup One-Click Chat
• How to Set Up an Initial Message
• Whatsapp One-Click Testing on Site

• Trainees will be taught effective and proven techniques to boost lead generation, in a practical manner. Learn the art of discovering and verifying leads, so as to gain the most out of the referrals, and convert prospects into long lasting customers.
• Understanding Lead Generation Business
• Why Lead Generation Is Important?
• Understanding Thank You Page
• Landing Page Vs. Website
• Best Practices to Create Landing Page
• Best Practices to Create Thank You Page
• What Is A/B Testing?
• How to Do A/B Testing?
• Converting Leads into Sale
• Understanding Lead Funnel

• Create creative and attractive apps that help boost businesses by serving the marketing and promotional objectives. Also get trained on Android app creation sans coding, along with Google play store ranking.
• Importance of App
• Benefits of Mobile App for Business
• App Creation Tool, Choose Relevant Layout
• Designing as Per Your Requirement
• How to Download Free Apk File
• Introduction to Google Play Console
• The process to Upload App in Playstore

• Learn all about App Store Optimization (ASO), with this dedicated module which forms a part of the Digital Marketing syllabus. Right from what is ASO, to ASO best practices, to ASO case study. The objective here is to teach you how to boost your downloads on app stores with the help of optimum ASO strategies. In addition, also learn how to rank higher on app stores using ASO. If an app can help you enter the world of mobiles, ASO can help you reach to the top!
• Become an expert at ASO, and there lies a promising career option for you.
• Contact Forms, Sliders, Elementor
• What is ASO?
• ASO Goal
• ASO Ranking Factors
• ASO Best Practices
• ASO Strategy
• ASO Case Study

• Personal branding is basically the ongoing method of building a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others regarding a private, group, or organization. Personal branding typically involves the application of one's name to various products. Personal branding is the practice of individuals promoting themselves and their careers as brands. whereas previous assist management techniques about improvement, the personal branding concept suggests instead that success comes from self-packaging.
• How to build/Setup personal Social Account
• Benefits of personal branding
• How to increase personal brand to increase business
• Content Strategy for personal branding
• The personal branding process
• Personal branding Case Study

•Major topics covered are, identifying the influencers, measuring them, and establishing a relationship with the influencer. A go through the influencer marketing case studies.

• Viral marketing or viral advertising is generally a business strategy that uses existing social networks to market a product. Its name refers to how shoppers spread information about a product with other people in their social networks, much in the same way that a virus spreads from one person to a different. We at Digital Trainee teaches you how viral marketing is done with effective creations to gain traction of your brand to the maximum audience.
• What is Viral Marketing?
• How a Viral Campaign Works
• Advantages of Viral Marketing
• content strategy for a Viral campaign
• Monitoring and Analysis
• Examples of Viral Marketing

• The definition of entrepreneurship is that the method of beginning a business. An enterprise is somebody WHO develops a business model, sometimes from scratch, but can somebody WHO purchases an organization to grow it. Entrepreneurship development is a method of entrepreneurial skills. Digital Marketing let you aware of the importance of putting real entrepreneurship for business to let grow your brand.

• Growth Hacking Using Digital marketing covers topics like customer life cycle, basics of Growth Hacking, conversion optimization techniques etc. Growth hacking related case studies also form a part of this module.
• Growth Hacking Basics
• Role of Growth Hacker
• Customer Life Cycle
• What is conversion optimization techniques
• Growth hacking case studies

• SA strategic arrange is that the massive image and long-run focus of an organization. for giant established firms meaning a 3–5-year outlook whereas for startups, the outlook may be truncated to 2-3 years thanks to the fast-moving nature of the area. The arrange is an encompassing reflection of your organization. It defines your company, market, competitors, objectives as the strategic and plan of action approach to achieving those objectives.

• Master planning involves creating a comprehensive and cohesive plan that outlines all aspects of a business's digital marketing strategy, including goals, objectives, tactics, and metrics.
• As part of a comprehensive digital marketing course, learning about master planning can provide the knowledge and skills one needs to effectively plan and execute digital marketing efforts.
• In this course section, participants will learn how to create a comprehensive digital marketing plan, including setting SMART goals, identifying target audiences, and developing a content strategy.
• One can improve their digital marketing strategy and make data-driven decisions to reach their target audience and achieve their business goals.

• Our staff at Digital Trainee bly believe in leadership work culture. As we believe the leadership quality brings both research area and a practical skill encompassing the ability of an individual or organization to “lead” or guide other individuals, teams, or entire organizations. We not only educate our students the best digital marketing program, but we also ensure them to grab the leadership teaching to adopt an effective team and move forward succeeding in tasks.

• Skills management is the practice of understanding, developing and deploying people and their skills. Well-implemented skills management should identify the skills that job roles require, the skills of individual employees, and any gap between the two. We are proud to announce our staff members has expertise in management skills as our skilled members bly understand the value in keeping overall practices regarding the same.

• Our Digital Marketing course is dedicated to providing valuable information and strategies for business growth.
• From marketing and sales to operations and finances, we cover a wide range of topics to help your business thrive.
• From marketing and sales to operations and finances, we cover a wide range of topics to help your business thrive.
• Whether you're a startup or an established business, our Digital Marketing course will provide you with the knowledge and resources to implement effective growth strategies.
• Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your business to new heights.

• A Sales training is Sales Essential, being ready is important for sales success. Once a salesperson stands before a possible client, being ready with product information, evaluation and a presentation will build all the distinction within the world. We at Digital Trainee own a full-fledged salesperson who provides effective sales training to transform your business with maximum client approach and learn about the etiquettes to talk and pitch your plan.

• The most troublesome a part of any manager's job is people management. These tasks will embrace the following: compensation, hiring, performance management, organization development, safety, wellness, benefits, worker motivation, communication, administration, and coaching. We at Digital Trainee ensure you to learn the most important factor of running a business that is people management. More you have a skilled and passionate workforce, more your business will stay near to success.

• No matter you invest thousands on digital marketing, it won’t help unless you build public bandwidth. Digital marketing is all about knowing the audience and encouraging them to visit our portal. The public relationship can be considered as a major aspect to life your business on almost every social network. Public relations may include an organization or individual gaining exposure to their audiences using topics of public interest and news items that do not require direct payment.

  • Media planning is generally marketers verify what these “rights” exactly are. A good media planning can lead to a group of advertising opportunities that concentrate on a targeted audience and slot in with the organization's selling budget. Media planning is usually outsourced to entail sourcing and choosing optimum media platforms for a client's brand or product to use. The role of media planning is to see the simplest combination of media to realize the objectives.
  • Podcasts have become a popular medium for businesses and individuals to connect with their audience and promote their brands.
  • Our Digital Marketing course offers a wealth of information on how to create, promote, and monetize your podcast.
  • From podcast production to marketing and audience building, we cover a wide range of topics to help you take your podcast to the next level.
  • With our expert-backed advice and actionable tips, you'll learn how to create a successful podcast, grow your audience, and monetize your content.
  • Whether you're a podcast host, marketer, or just starting out, our Digital Marketing course is the ultimate resource for podcast marketing.
  • In this section of the course, participants will learn how to set up and manage a Google Shopping campaign, including how to set a budget, bid on keywords, and target specific audiences to ensure the right people see their ads.
  • They will also learn how to track the performance of their campaigns and make adjustments as needed to optimize their return on investment.
  • By mastering Google Shopping Advertising, businesses can increase their online sales and reach more customers.
  • This topic will be covered in depth, providing participants with the practical knowledge and hands-on experience they need to succeed in the digital marketing landscape.
  • Performance marketing is a data-driven digital marketing approach focusing on measurable results and returns on investment.
  • As part of a comprehensive digital marketing course, learning about performance marketing can provide businesses with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively track and optimize their online marketing efforts by mastering performance marketing, businesses can improve the effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts and maximize their return on investment.
  • This topic will be covered in depth, providing participants with a thorough understanding of how to track and optimize their marketing efforts to achieve their business goals.

• Quora is a popular question-and-answer platform that can be leveraged for digital marketing.
• Quora marketing can provide businesses with the knowledge and skills to effectively reach and engage their target audience on the platform.
• In this section of the course, participants will learn how to use Quora as a marketing tool by creating a strong presence on the platform, identifying and engaging with their target audience, and creating valuable content that will position them as experts in their field.
• They will learn how to use Quora's advanced targeting features to reach specific demographics, track and measure their campaigns' performance and optimize their campaigns for better results.

• E-commerce development is the process of building and maintaining an online store to sell products or services.
• As part of a comprehensive digital marketing course, learning about eCommerce development can provide businesses with the knowledge and skills they need to create and manage their online store and reach customers via the internet.
• eCommerce platforms and technologies, including popular ones such as Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce.
• Participants will learn how to set up and configure an online store, manage products, process payments and shipments, and handle customer data and orders. Additionally, participants will learn about eCommerce design and user experience, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how to integrate it with marketing strategies and how to use analytics and reporting tools to measure the performance of their eCommerce site.
• By mastering eCommerce development, one can create an effective online store that will allow them to reach and sell to customers worldwide, manage their own eCommerce website, and drive online sales.

• Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free tool offered by Google that allows businesses to manage and deploy tracking and marketing tags on their website without needing to edit the website's code.
• As part of a digital marketing course, learning about GTM can provide businesses with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively track and analyze website data and optimize their digital marketing efforts.
• In this section of the course, participants will learn how to set up and use GTM to deploy tracking and marketing tags on their websites, such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and AdWords Conversion Tracking.
• Participants will also learn how to use GTM to track events on their website, such as button clicks, form submissions, and scroll depth, and how to use this data to optimize their digital marketing efforts.
• They will learn how to create and manage tags, triggers, and variables within GTM and use GTM's built-in preview and debugging tools to ensure that their tags are firing correctly.

• Conversion tracking is a digital marketing technique that allows businesses to track and measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts by monitoring the actions that visitors take on their websites.
• As part of a comprehensive digital marketing course, learning about conversion tracking can provide businesses with the knowledge and skills they need to understand how visitors interact with their websites and optimize their digital marketing campaigns for better results.
• In this section of the course, participants will learn about the different types of conversion tracking, such as website and phone calls conversion, how to set up and configure conversion tracking on their website, and how to use tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and AdWords Conversion Tracking.
• They will learn how to track and measure key performance indicators (KPIs) such as click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, and return on investment (ROI) to understand the effectiveness of their campaigns and make adjustments as needed.
• One can understand how visitors interact with their websites and use this data to optimize their digital marketing campaigns for better results.

• Link building, also known as backlinking, is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to one's website.
• Learning about link building can provide businesses with the knowledge and skills they need to improve their website's search engine rankings, drive more traffic to their website, and increase their online visibility.
• In this course section, participants will learn about link-building techniques such as editorial, directories, and link-baiting.
• They will learn how to conduct link-building research and find relevant and high-quality websites to target. Additionally, participants will learn about the importance of link diversity and how to create a link-building strategy that is sustainable and scalable.
• They will also learn about the latest link-building best practices, including how to avoid common link-building mistakes, such as buying links or participating in link farms, that can lead to penalties from search engines.

• Chatbot marketing :
• Introduction to conversational marketing
• Introduction to chatbot marketing
• Why business needs chatbot
• How to integrate chatbot into your website

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A few months ago I have decided to make my career in digital marketing. Then I joined the digital trainee institute. As a digital marketing student, I had the privilege of learning with the digital trainee. We had Mrs. Anuja Ambekar as our instructor who has deep understanding of the industry and provided us with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed. The digital trainee team was always available for questions and provided helpful feedback. I'm now confident in my ability to use digital marketing to reach.


Pooja Rajaput

Hii everyone my name is Pooja Rajput and Recently, I completed my digital marketing course as a digital Trainee. And the credit goes to Anuja Ambekar ma'am my Trainer and his way of teaching is so easily understandable. She has great knowledge of Google Ads, SEO, Email Marketing, and more...His life experiences and case studies have helped us understand the difference between in-class training and practical life issues better. As Digital Trainee I have gained Theoretical & Practical knowledge. I will highly suggest Digital Trainee to every digital marketing aspirant.

Aniket Achrekar

Aniket Achrekar

Digital Trainee is the best practical-based digital marketing course in Pune. I'm very happy with the course under the training of Mr. Shubham Masker. He made sure that everything should be practically applied and taught. Shubham sir also shares his experience with clients. My experience with Digital Trainee was good. I strongly recommend digital trainees who want to learn practically based Digital Marketing in Pune.


Omkar Mangelkar

The digital trainee is one of the best digital marketing courses as par my parlance. The course provided me with the essential skills and knowle dge needed to enter the digital marketing field. all the staff members are highly qualified sp.. my trainer Anuja Ambekar mam is highly qualified and very cooperative regarding education query is a concern all staff is kind and humble in nature. our coordinator was also very helpful. my recommendation is to get admission here 100 %. This placement session was very helpful and informative. We got a lot of useful information from knowledgeable speakers. The information that was presented was simple to comprehend, and the session was interactive. Overall, this placement session was excellent, and I'm thankful for the chance to learn more about the job market. Thank you.

Atharva Mhaswade

Atharva Mhaswade

I joined Digital Trainee to learn details in digital marketing and I have completed the Digital Marketing course with Digital Trainee and I am way happier with the results. Our instructor was Anuja Ambekar Mam, who is extremely knowledgeable, engaging, and invested in our success. She provided us with tangible strategies that will work in this field. I'm now confident in my ability to use digital marketing to reach my goals and I couldn't have done it without the help of Anuja mam and the digital trainee. Thank you so much Anuja mam for all your support. Also, there was an informative session about placements. Vivek sir and Neha mam helped us solve our doubts regarding that and got detailed information about jobs and placement cells. Thanks to Vivek sir and Neha mam.


Sadaf Sarang

Digital Trainee is the best learning experience I have had throughout my learning journey! The training was excellent with good interaction, Knowledge sharing is good & Recording facility is excellent for revising. The course was practical and informative. Had a great Knowledge able Experience as Digital Trainee Which Has highly professional, friendly, and incredibly motivating tutors. Nehal ma'am As a trainer is The best Trainer I had come across in my life. She helps us whenever we get stuck anywhere in d middle of d topic n tries to solve our problems n she wants every student to reach out on d same topics. she handles our queries patiently...The best teacher N guide Thanks For Ur guidance N support. I'll Always Wish To Have a trainer Like u...Even the placement team where really Great & helpful in searching For the companies & Updating With The Same And The Mock Interview Really helped Us N Boost Our Confidence To Answer Any Interview.....Do Join Digital Trainee For The Best practical Course In Digital Marketing.

Anuj Sabne

Anuj Sabne

It's a pleasure to share my experience of a digital trainee course about digital marketing which I attended in Pune an offline course. My course trainer Shubham Maskar sir taught us all the minute details of creating a website from scratch to promote our product on social media platforms and optimizing the website according to google regulations which are skills to rank one website on google through the white hat technique.It's a 1st kind of course which is 100% practical in nature and implements all skills which are taught here. I have gained confidence after pursuing this course under my mentor as he has a unique set of skills to teach us in a simple manner which made this course easier to grasp.

Amruta Wakchaure

Amruta Wakchaure

Hi, I am Amruta Wakchaure I have Joined India's first Practical digital marketing course in Pune at Digital Trainee. Under the guidance of our Trainer Mr.Shubham Maskar Sir. I have gained a great deal of exposure to the Various modules. would like to thank Mr. Shubham Maskar And Digital Trainee for all their support and the quality of training you provided. Due to the training and resources provided, I can learn the most useful aspects of digital marketing. the course was informative, which helped me in understanding the various concepts and strategies that are used in digital marketing. Greatest Thanks to my trainer Mr, Shubham sir His insight and experience have made a genuinely positive impact on us. He has an outstanding knowledge of digital marketing and he is always willing to share that knowledge. And his experience with others made us inspiring. I am very satisfied with this course.Thank you Digital Trainee

Pranit Kamble

Pranit Kamble

I had just completed my MBA in Marketing & I was looking for a job. So when I was exploring marketing-related fields I came across digital marketing. When I searched for classes, I found Digital Trainee, and after going through their website and reading reviews and testimonials, I decided to join the class. It was all practical-based learning and with the help of trainer Mr. Shubham Maskar, we gained quality knowledge. I thank Digital Trainee for providing such quality education and making us ready for our future endeavors. I can say Digital Trainee is the best practice digital marketing course in Pune.

Gauri Sukhadeve

Gauri Sukhadeve

I got to know about India's first practical training institute digital trainee Pune by a youtube ad of Prashant sir. I find it interesting and go through the link to know more. After that, I enrolled myself in the offline course. Then Shubham sir our mentor taught us all about Digital marketing like social media marketing, SEO, SEM, SMM, google ads, analytics. Telling about mentors teaching I want to say that he delivered the best of his knowledge and always taught us in a practical way so that we can learn more. Now I can say that it was my good decision to go for a digital marketing course in Digital trainee and actually it is a practical digital marketing course in Pune and worth it for money.

Gauri Sukhadeve

Anand Mane

Great ambience, great teachers(chetashri mam) and staff and quality education. Digital Trainee is the best institute in India which is very good for our future and good study with good advice is also given here. best good adviser Kishore sir who is solving our problems. India's first practical digital marketing training institute. This is very helpful in making me learn about marketing in the digital world. This is also going to be helpful for me in future. And as well the certificate of this will be beneficial for me in future. Thanks to chetashri mam .

Arun Malanthara

Arun Malanthara

Hi, I am Arun Malanthara I have joined a digital trainee 3 months ago and I'm very Satisfied with the Course. I was looking for the best digital marketing course in Pune, where I came to know about Digital trainees. Our mentor Mr. Shubham Maskar taught different topics like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Paid Ads, and other topics related to digital marketing. Each Student has given personal attention regarding any topic. Thank you Digital Trainee.

Sushant Phad

Sushant Phad

Hello friends myself Sushant. Well, I am very grateful for this idea of learning Digital Marketing course by Digital Trainee. Digital Trainee is the best practical-based digital marketing course in Pune. I'm very happy with the course under the training of Mr. Shubham Maskar sir. He made sure that everything should be practically applied and taught. One of the best decisions I have was to learn digital marketing from a digital trainee. It's a wonderful learning experience with the concept and practical knowledge. Our sir is very friendly and has focused on the individual to clear doubts for all the topics. Thank you so much Mr.Shubham sir and digital trainee for providing the best platform.

What Our Students Say About Our Digital Marketing Courses in Pune

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8:00 AM - 9:30 AM 8th December Weekdays (2 months 15 days) Hadapsar, Pune Classroom
8:00 AM - 9:30 AM 8th December Weekdays (2 months 15 days) Nal Stop, Pune Classroom
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM 12th December Weekdays (2 months 15 days) Pimpri Chinchwad(PCMC) Classroom
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Students can either cover the missed topic by attending the upcoming batches at 0 costs, or by accessing the backup training videos provided in the portal, with a 6 months access.

Just ask your topic specific queries to your trainer. You can make use of the extra time during or after the class. Another way is to watch live or classroom videos on the portal provided to you (having 6 months access). 
100% placement assistance is provided along with interview preparation help. The HR team will provide guidance and help you with the interview preparation, till the time you get placed. 

If you have successfully cleared 12th , you can be a part of Digital Trainee (for freelancing/learning). On the other hand, if you wish to undergo the course for job purpose, then you are required to be at least a graduate (any field). Working professionals and business owners are also eligible for the Digital Marketing Courses.

It largely depends on your area of specialization. However, initially, freshers can expect anywhere in the range of 10-15K/month, while the experienced can expect anywhere between the range of 20K-35K/month. Salary is directly proportional to both your knowledge and performance amid the interview, and while working in the organization

Course / Content

At Digital Trainee, we strongly believe in providing personal attention to every student, including those who have already completed our courses, those currently studying with us, and those who are interested in joining us. We offer individual interaction with our trainer, either in person at our institute or over the phone, To take you through our complete digital marketing curriculum. Once you become a part of Digital Trainee, you will receive personalized online study materials and access to live classroom sessions, which will help you start your course with us.

Practicing for an average of 5-6 hours per day, In addition to the regular 1.30 -2 hour theoretical and practical coaching sessions at our institute, can significantly enhance your ability to implement your studies effectively. It will ultimately enable you to apply your knowledge in practical situations with higher efficiency.

The requirements to pursue digital marketing are not overly strict, as anyone who has graduated and has basic computer knowledge can qualify. Whether you are a business owner seeking to establish an online presence or a job seeker looking to switch to a more rewarding career that utilizes your potential, digital marketing is a viable option to consider. Having the willingness to develop creative methods to promote your ideas is crucial for success in this field.

Pune is experiencing a digital advertising boom following the growth of the IT industry. Over time various groups have recognized the potential of different innovative digital advertising strategies. Companies are realizing the benefits of online and virtual channel advertising compared to traditional offline advertising. In today's digital age, individuals with online advertising skills and the ability to tailor advertising strategies to meet business needs while understanding the behavior of target audiences have excellent career prospects and vast scope for digital advertising in Pune.

Pune has emerged as a significant IT hub, making it an excellent destination for individuals aspiring to pursue a career as a digital marketer. The increasing usage of smartphones and digital platforms among the Indian population has led to a shift in marketing strategies, with companies opting to advertise on these platforms to target their audiences effectively.

At our institution, we structure our classes so that students have grouped into small cohorts consisting of 10 to 15 individuals. This approach enables us to provide personalized attention and individualized support to each student concerning their questions and concerns.

In case you miss any classes, you have the option to attend one of our rolling batches that cover the topics you might have missed. Additionally, our trainers are always available to assist you with any queries or questions you may have. Don't hesitate to seek their help if needed.

We provide online study materials like PDF, PPT, or Doc for your convenience.

Knowing programming languages is not a prerequisite for enrolling in digital marketing classes in Pune. The term "digital marketing" itself implies that one need not possess programming expertise but instead should possess a good understanding of marketing principles and creative capabilities to generate ideas that can be implemented in the digital marketing space.

The duration of the Master In Performance Driven Practical Digital Marketing Course in Pune varies depending on the course you choose and typically spans about 80 hours.

Our teaching practice revolves around an intensive study structure, an interactive learning curriculum, practicing case studies of innovative marketing strategies from the present times, and guest lectures headed by industry professionals. The core motto of our teaching approach is to provide personal attention and foster a fun learning culture. Additionally, hands-on practical application is a crucial aspect of our teaching philosophy.

Definitely! At Digital Trainee, we offer the convenience of online and distance learning to individuals from other cities as well.

To accommodate the multiple module programs being taught, evaluations have been conducted at every stage, and regular assignments are expected in almost every session to prepare for them. Additionally, there are over 100 home assignments to complete.

To progress to the next module, evaluations, and exams are carried out at each level, as each module encompasses specific learning objectives.

If students have any doubts, they can contact our institute from 9 am to 6 pm. We are always prepared and eager to assist our students in resolving their queries.

Yes, trainees are provided with a soft copy of the study material. It covers both the basic and advanced topics that will be taught. Also provided are external knowledge videos that will throw light on different strategies to execute your online campaigns.

Yes. Online training is provided. It is provided free of cost to the students, once they join the course. We have flexible timings for individuals like business owners, working professionals, etc., to enable them attend the course as per their convenience. However, they are required to discuss the timings with our counselors.

Certification plays an important role in one's career. It boosts your chances of getting hired in multiple companies. It also helps in getting freelancing projects and more. At Digital Trainee, we happen to provide 17+ certifications comprising of a course completion certificate and an internship letter as well.

Thanks for expressing your interest. Currently, we are having 4+ branches: Nalstop |Pimple Saudagar (PCMC) | Vimannagar | Andheri (East), Mumbai. Our institute happens to be just 2 minutes away from the nearest bus stop and metro station (Andheri). With this being the case for each of our branch locations. For complete Address

Job & Certification

We offer complete job placement assistance by assisting you in:

Creating your portfolio and resume.

Preparing you for interviews through mock practices and improving your soft skills.

Continuously providing you with interview opportunities until you have placed.

Granting you lifelong membership to our job support group.

When searching for a digital marketing course in Pune, fees can vary greatly. Prices can range from as low as 99/- Rs to as high as 1,00,000/- Rs.

You Can Get 18+ Certificate Based On Your Knowledge

3 Certificate From Digital Trainee (ISO Certified)

15 Certificate From Google (Online Exam)

*We Train You And Help You To Get Online Certificate From Google & Hubspot.

*Note – We Also Provide You 3 months Internship letter Based On a Live Project You Complete.

We Also Provide You 3 months Internship letter Based On a Live Project You Complete.

As a Marketing Executive, you possess a distinct advantage with your expertise in offline market comprehension and on-field skills. By combining your commanding ideas and strategies with proficiency in digital marketing tools, your potential to succeed in the market has greatly multiplied. As the world continues to shift towards the online realm, you have the potential to become a prominent leader in the industry.

Fees & Payments

In Pune, if you are searching for a digital marketing course, you will come across various price ranges, starting from as low as 1,999/- Rs to as high as 1,00,000/- Rs.

What are the steps to enroll in and begin online digital marketing courses?

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Our refund policy is very strict, as we do not offer refunds or transfers once payment has been made.

Business / Entrepreneur

The world is rapidly becoming digitized, and it's time for us to follow suit. The term "digital" gives us a glimpse of what this entails. In today's world, every industry is advancing through digital means.

The great advantage of digital marketing lies in its vast reach. By leveraging the power of the internet, businesses can expand beyond their local region, city, state, or even their country, and tap into the global market. With numerous digital channels available, businesses that adopt digital marketing can soar to new heights and leave a lasting impact on a global scale.

Enrolling in this course can be a valuable asset for your online business. Nowadays, establishing your market online can expand your potential customer base beyond regional boundaries to a global level and attract other business opportunities. Our course provides strategic guidance on building your brand and learning from successful online portals and case studies, ultimately enabling you to practically apply this knowledge to your website by the course's end. This will help kick-start your business with a bang.



An alumnus of MIT, Mr. Prashant Kadukar is vastly experienced (11 years) in areas like Strategic Planning, Internet Marketing / Display Advertising, E-commerce Strategy, Search Engine / Social Media Marketing, Conversion Optimization, and Product Development. Strategizing, designing and implementation of Digital Marketing plans and campaigns is his forte. He happens to be a Google Ads & Bing Certified Professional. Not only has he worked with 100+ Domestic and International clients, but also advised various startups on aspects like strategy and growth.
Along with offering Digital Marketing services, Mr. Prashant has been conducting Digital Marketing Training programs as well. Numerous aspirants have benefited by training under him. He has played the role of a mentor, in shaping their careers. His Digital Marketing workshops have received a huge response, and many have taken to a career in Digital Marketing, post attending them.
Digital Trainee, which happens to be his brainchild, is a Digital Marketing training institute that is known to provide quality 100% practical oriented training to each aspirant.
At Digital Trainee, trainees gain hands-on experience by getting a chance to work on live industrial projects, under the guidance of industry experts. The interaction oriented approach adopted during training along with personal attention, facilitates in imbibing both personal and intellectual skills, to make you industry ready. It helps clear the concepts and doubts. A solid platform for a successful career ahead.


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